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A natural way to stay healthy

The growth of private label market share has grown considerably over the years. Large supermarket, drug and health food chains, mass merchandisers have created their own name brand and hand picked only the best products to bear their name. As a health food company, we only handle USDA certified Organic products. We offer to the industry the finest Organic products to be privately labeled. Our Organic tea products come with Organic certificate and various inspection reports (where it applies).

Organic Tea Seed Oil (Tea Oil) (Camellia Oleifera)
Original: Light amber-green with a sweet herbal aroma
Extra Virgin 16.9 FL.OZ (500ml)
Natural Flavor: Amber-brown with tea-like aroma and nutty flavor
Extra Virgin 16.9 FL.OZ (500ml)
We also have bulk packaging for all your needs:
5 Liter/bottle, 50kg/drum, 190kg/drum and 950kg/drum.